Demonstration, configuration and statistical data capture software for MRL distance sensors.

Metrology Resource offers a variety of software products to help users easily and fully operate their laser distance sensors. Some programs are free to download from our website. Fully-featured programs are available for purchase from Metrology Resource Co.

MRL3 Configuration Utlity Program

This free software program helps users set the MRL3 laser sensor switch setpoints, analog output, and power-up conditions. This program is included with your purchase of the MRL3 device, but we make it available on our website as a courtesy. Please contact us with questons.

MRL3 Utility Software Download (zip file 500 KB)

Display and Software

Display and Software

MRCs touch panel display has been specifically programmed for the MRL3 sensors.

MRCs measurement software is designed to display and record the measurement results from the distance sensors.