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Metrology Resource offers measurement sensors

Metrology Resource was founded in 2004 to develop laser distance sensors and laser measurement systems for industrial and OEM use. Today our sensors are used in applications from steel casting to paper production to the Hollywood film industry, from crane control to the military. Metrology Resource is a leader in precision non contact measurement.

Metrology Resource

dustries makes grinding wheel balancers and laser-based metrology equipmentMetrology Rexource, Inc. is a leader in distance measurement and laser distance sensors. MRC lasers are used in leading automation and manufacturing industries around the world.

The non-contact measurement laser systems that MRC supplies, are targeted to high-tech manufacturers worldwide and ensure that projects meet strict measurement standards. Metrology Resource's laser distance sensors are known to have long lifetimes and can withstand conditions found in desert environments.

The company currently has employees at its corporate headquarters in southeast Michigan, at our Aurora, Ontario office and our in Glasgow, Scotland location.

Sensor Products

Sensor Products