Distance Laser Sensors

Metrology Resource sells laser distance sensors for accurate distance measurement using phase shift technology. We provide products described as laser distance measuring device, non-contact measurement sensor, laser measuring device, laser measurement sensor or rangefinders.

MRC's mini sensors is just 106x62x45mm. It has a laser measurement range of 0.05m to 30m. The laser distance sensor has one programmable analog output 0/4-20 mA.

This laser distance sensor is ideal for thickness measurements.

MRL-ML1 is a short range laser measurement sensor.

The MRL-ML1 is a short range laser measurement sensor from Metrology Resource Co. with an accuracy of ± 3.0mm @ 2 SIGMA and a range of 0.05m to 30m.

The MRL-ML1 Laser Distance Sensors are the new generation of MRC devices that are compact and robust distance measuring modules designed to meet the demands of the industrial measurement market.

Distance Laser Sensor

  • Measurement range 0.05 to 30 m
  • Analog output
  • 1 LED for status signaling
  • M12 (5 pin) connector and screw terminal for easy connection
  • Solid aluminum metal housing
  • IP65 ( protected against ingress of dust and water)
  • Complementary configuration software
  • Laser class II (<0.95mW)
  • Temperature range of -10șC to + 50șC

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